Cloud Based Telephone Service Provider


Did you know you can let your business make telephone calls through the internet by converting the voice signal into a digital signal? 


Organizations that use modern VoIP services can make and receive calls globally through the internet without added costs. Are you ready to make the switch?


Cloud Hosted Phone Systems


Remember that hosted VoIP systems are an essential component that helps make a business successful. Through numerous trusted partners, The Tech Ref can provide customized hosted telephone solutions that suit your specific business needs.


We develop and design systems from a small office spaces with a few phones to large call centers. You can trust The Tech Ref to get the job right for all your business communication needs. Our VoIP business phone service is always available to provide the service.


Why Move to the Cloud Phone Service?


Are you still hesitant to utilize a cloud-based telephone system? Here are a few benefits of installing a cloud-based telephone service: 


· User-friendly deployment


Once configured, you can start using the phone service immediately. You don’t need to change, remove, or add lines. You can customize your phone system through your online account, or The Tech Ref can arrange for the changes for you. 


· Used for mobility and flexibility



Send texts and faxes, and make calls from your tablet or mobile phone from your business number. The best part here is you can have all your calls for work routed to your device of choice through your custom office answering rules.


· Made for business use


Receive toll-free calls and utilize conferencing numbers that you can personalize based on your individual preferences. Further, you can enjoy more features such as online meetings, business SMS, and faxing without switching services - your solution can have all these services bundled together on a single platform solution. 


· Excellent customer support


Are you having a difficult time setting up and personalizing your phone system? Frustrated with service provider Account Team changes? The Tech Ref provides life-time customer support including online resources, consultations, and technical support.


·Not hardware-heavy


Another amazing thing about cloud-based telephone service is that you don’t need to worry about a thing - just sign up and begin making and taking calls via the internet. We'll set you up. Also, you don’t need to deal with any special cable or costly specialized devices to make everything work. You use existing internet and Cat 5 or 6 cable runs. Don't exist? Don't worry, we can provide cost saving internet and/or Ethernet work station cable runs for you. 


· Your go-to place for all your phone service needs


Ultimately, you can receive the most robust business communication solutions in the industry with The Tech Ref. Also, you will not have separate bills for texting, fax, online meetings, voice calling, or team messaging—everything is an itemized bill per month!


Ready to take advantage of all the benefits a modern VoIP service has to offer?


Many businesses across the globe are now switching their phone systems to the cloud thanks to its capability to adapt to each industry’s communication needs. Its transformational capability to connect and serve numerous locations offers flexible options for businesses that need to run their business in unique ways.


The Tech Ref caters to various industries like engineering, construction, retail, health care, legal, accounting, finance, real estate, marketing and more.