Our Commitment and Promise to you. 

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  1. By the next business day, The Tech Ref will provide your interest and specifications to our matched partners.

  2. Depending on complexity and/or your preference, The Tech Ref will either send an email to you with the names of the partners that will be contacting you or The Tech Ref will compile the quotes and present them to you. 

  3. The Tech Ref or our partners will contact you to review and confirm your specific needs, requirements, and suggest a demo if desired or applicable.  

  4. Depending on your preference, you will receive one or more custom proposals/quotes directly from our partners or from The Tech Ref.

  5. You decide if and how to proceed with one or more of the referral quotes.

  6. If you decide to to proceed with a service, sit back and relax! The Tech Ref will coordinate the entire order process for you, at no cost, from order placement, processing and tracking to the completed installation.




We deliver technology savings and superior client services to the SMB marketplace by leveraging our partner relationships. This provides for the best competitive pricing for you as well as enterprise service and support levels. We are able to offer these services for free and with no obligation as our partners compensate us from their partner program funds. 


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