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The Tech Ref handles all VoIP & Internet Service Providers (& more) for your organization's next IT or Telecom project. All at no cost to you.

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Fans say...

"Jay was recommended to me by our corporate account manager at Shaw Communications, the largest telecommunications company in Canada, and that was the best thing Shaw has given me to date. During the summer of 2020, I was tasked to set up a satellite office in Los Angeles amid the pandemic. Needless to say, the project was more challenging than I anticipated. Thankfully Jay agreed to lend his expertise and time to us. With his help, we were able to set up the whole office, including internet and telephone. Throughout the entire process, Jay offered nothing but open communication, timely delivery and the finest professional experience. I could not thank Jay enough for all his hard work and I'd recommend him to anyone who needs a hand in IT!"


Dorothee Xing

Corporate Development Executive, Fulmer & Company  (Private equity and venture capital firm based in Vancouver, Canada with new office in Los Angeles, CA)

"In less than 24 hours, The Tech Ref made the impossible possible. They found us a vendor that allowed our employees to work remotely during the height of COVID-19, coordinated all the pre and post implementation calls, all while finding us the most cost efficient solution that solved an immediate need. Jay continued to check in and make sure everything was working smoothly after our go live. A+ customer service from The Tech Ref."


Ian Maltzman

Healthcare Operations Executive, Total Cardiology Care  (Medical Practice based in New Jersey)

"My company used The Tech Ref's free service and we are thrilled. We were having our office phone forwarded to our cell phone calls causing issues with multiple calls, and leaving us having to return calls that showed as coming from our cell phone numbers rather than the business lines. Problems solved!! Jay was awesome in finding the solutions we needed, participating in the process of retaining and setting up with the vendor, and following up to make sure all of our needs had been met. All at no charge. Can’t beat that. Thanks again, Jay!"


Paul Milberg

Founding Partner, Milberg Klein, P.L.  (Law Firm based in Florida)

I reached out to The Tech Ref. In less than 24 hours, they had us up and running with virtual phones, and a couple of days later, I had new phones and full service. Jay came out and trained my staff on using the phones, and he was amazingly responsive to any questions we had. To top it all off, I added a phone, and my bill was still lower than it was from the other company. I could not be happier. If you or anyone you know needs business phone services, please call The Tech Ref, they will make sure you are taken care of."


Jeffrey Hecht

President, Aronson Hecht Agency  (Social Media and Marketing Agency based in New Jersey)

"Jay was extremely attentive and diligent in everything we needed tech related. He was prompt and took care of all our scheduling and installations. We will definitely use The Tech Ref's services again."



Wundabar Pilates Studios (Health and fitness studios, nationwide)

"From doing business on large telco contracts together as partners to get the end client the best deal years back, to being a good person and a friend today - you’re hard not to say kind words about. Truly genuine and a knowledgeable, approachable, and consummate professional. Can’t beat it. Let me just say it - I recommend anyone to work with Jay Nosenchuk to up their IT, Infrastructure, and/or tech services needs. Oh and by the way, it’s at no cost to the end client. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is." 


Dean Chenarides

Sales Director, Palo Alto Networks