POTS Replacement,


POTS lines are going away. Are you ready?


Telco providers are decommissioning POTS

(plain old telephone service) lines across the US at a rapid pace.


As the number of copper lines decrease, your cost to keep a traditional phone line is increasing.

Have you looked at your current phone bill?


 Let us help you with a next-gen POTS replacement solution:


 Regulatory compliant
Includes all necessary hardware & phone service

One low monthly rate


Provide continued support of your organization's


Security Alarm Panels

Elevator Phones
Fire Alarm Panels

Public Safety Phones

Point-Of-Sale Systems
Building Entry Systems

Essential Phone Lines*

 *may be subject to certain restrictions
& more..


all while reducing costs, saving time & avoiding the hassle as we handle all the legwork for you. 




Why leading organizations choose this technology:


Tremendous Value

Keep using your existing communications, life safety and alarm systems while saving significant money on monthly phone bills.


Significant Savings Compared To Copper Line Infrastructure:

Monthly Pricing:

$39.95/line for 1-20 lines.

$35.00/line for 21-250 lines.

Additional discount for 251+ lines.
Optional One-time Installation: $20/line.

Unlimited usage.


All-inclusive Solution

Reduce complexity and resolve all POTS challenges with one provider for a single or multiple locations across the US– hardware, data, and dedicated wireless network phone service - T-Mobile, AT&T, or US Cellular, depending on signal strength.


Keep Your Telephone Numbers

Need to keep your numbers? Existing telephone numbers can be ported. 


Life-safety Compliant

Built with the applicable guidelines of UL, NFPA 72, and ASME A17.1B in mind.


Increased Visibility

Manage all locations and devices using an intuitive web portal. Get SMS and email alerts should outages occur or when batteries are low.


Easy to Install & Deploy

Attach hardware to any wall or place on any flat surface. Configure easily to provide LTE failover for mission critical VoIP lines. Self install or tech installed.


Backup Battery Included

Service keeps working for at least 8 hours during power failures.


Simple Migration

Quick, easy path to get started and organizations can keep using existing life safety systems.


Secure Network

Operating on a MFVN-compliant network ensures traffic never traverses the public Internet.




 How many POTS lines do you need to replace?


We'll provide a custom quote based on your specific needs.

If you decide to proceed, we'll facilitate the entire project for you. 


  As always, our services are at no cost to you. 

Blog entry January 31, 2023:


Current state of the situation:


Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) refers to the traditional analog telephone service that has been in use for many decades. With the advent of new technologies such as digital phone lines, fiber optic networks, and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), POTS is being phased out and replaced by these newer technologies.

It is not possible to give a general update on the retirement of POTS as it varies depending on the region, country, and specific service provider. However, in general, POTS is becoming less common and is being replaced by newer, more advanced technologies. It's always best to have us check with your respective service provider for the latest information on their POTS replacement plans.