VoIP Phone Installation Services


Here in New York, competition works at a whole new level. The city is a global leader in commerce, trading, and banking, not to mention culture, art, tourism, fashion, and everything in between. In this fierce environment, advanced communication tools are the key to staying competitive. That’s why you need the best VoIP service, providers.



Get VoIP Phone Installation Services for Your Business in New York or Anywhere In The US



The Tech Ref offers VoIP phone installation services to keep you competitive and increase business growth while saving you money for higher profits. Our team of VoIP phone consultants provides commercial VoIP plans with the advanced communication strategies you need, expanding your capacity to connect and communicate with customers more precisely and clearly than ever before.



You, your team, and your customers benefit from clear calls. You also benefit from lowered call lags with long-distance calling. You get more modes of communication like advanced conference calling, instant messaging, video calls, and unique features that make VoIP your advanced communication tool.



Meeting All Your Data and Voice Needs



Does your company have the ideal data and phone systems to keep growing? Maybe you’re still doing business on the same digital infrastructure you were ten years ago? Time and technologies have transformed, and it is simpler than ever to do business smarter.


All it takes is a collaboration with the right VoIP company near me. The Tech Ref has been serving the New York area for many years. We are proud to be the go-to VoIP phone installer in the region for small and large businesses, helping them scale through modernized digital infrastructure.



Our team of experienced and skilled reps understands how to get to the core of your business needs, suggesting industry-leading products and systems to support better business each day.



Scale Your Communications Today!



We have served businesses of all types in New York at all stages of growth and success. Our team genuinely believes in getting to know the obstacles your business experiences with its existing digital infrastructure and suggesting bespoke solutions to help you conquer them.


We do everything it takes to become your all-in-one partner for data and voice—right down to arranging the cable and programming the systems. With The Tech Ref, you can expect to grow your business the best way without thinking about limitations that will hold you back.



Smart Communications System


· Value for money

Robust communications with a small business price tag enable you to pay for what you need—totally scalable as your business grows.


·  Keep connected

Each with built-in conferencing and voice mail, a single number to keep everyone connected and updated.


·  Simple to use

Intuitive applications and features the entire team can easily utilize to encourage them to become more productive.


Business phone systems are not just for giant, multinational companies—their flexibility and scalability mean that they are the perfect solution for businesses. Count on The Tech Ref to install VoIP systems for your business.



Feel free to call or email us today to learn more about how our VoIP system will improve your entire workplace.